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My good friend Jeff Beene and I have been making games since we were kids. I remember riding my bike over to his house in middle school and spending hours in front of a computer screen tweaking pixel graphics and game mechanics.

Flash forward 10+ years and we are doing the exact same thing with slightly better software, a more defined goal, and a lot larger skill set. We officially started Beanbot Games in early 2016. We setup an LLC, website, emails, Android/iOS developer licenses, the whole shebang.

I could never quantify the number of things we learned in such a short period of time. Running a game business is not quite all fun and games (no pun intended). Everything from marketing, ad campaigns, social media management, business strategies; all things we had to do as a team of two, when in reality we just wanted to make games.


As a result we successfully launched 3 mobile games available on the Android/iOS app stores, and still have quite a few app ideas and projects for the future.

Beanbot Games - Mobile App Icons

Jump Drop

“Tap and hold to jump, release to drop! How far can you go?”


“The ball is your paintbrush in this creative “keepie-ups” game. Hit the targets to switch colors before you lose it! Combine crazy power-ups to your advantage (or disadvantage)!”

Tamale Factory

“It’s raining tamales! How many can you catch? How high can you stack ’em? Strategy is key in this fun, fast-paced, physics-based stacking game. Think it sounds too easy? Think again!”